Net Worth July 2013

For those of you new to SJ’s Journey, i’m planning to update a monthly net worth typically posted near the end of the month (or beginning of the next) to track the progress of my journey. This net worth is taken on 4th July 2013. So this comparison is between June and July Net worth.

Assets: 61,45,998.80(-1.08%)

  • Cash: 3,57,654.80(-11.34%)[This varies]
  • Savings: 30,000.00(+0.00%)
  • Insurance: 1,41,403(+2.69)
  • Real Estate: 38,64,000.00(+0.00%)
  • Vehicle: 1,40,000.00(-0.71%)
  • Gold: 13,86,000.00(-1.98%)
  • Pension: 2,26,941.00(+1.67%)

Liabilities: 26,94,501.23(-2.07%)

  • Credit Cards: 85.77 Db(-105.00%)[Had to use credit card due to some unavoidable situation as part of relocation]
  • Loans:20,96,587.00(-1.18%)
  • Others: 5,98,000.00(-4.78%)

Total Net Worth: 34,51,497.57(-0.30%)


Total net-worth has come down as gold prices have come down. Also, more cash was spend on Loan Repayment and a new debt from Vineeth.


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